Amy’s Family Shoot

I’m not too keen on indoor shoots (but that’s only because I need higher ISO on my camera), but this lovely family have a beautiful conservatory that allowed for natural light from ALL angles! Didn’t even set up my lighting for this family shoot.
The cat came to have a look at what was going on so she got a snap too 🙂
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Group Cake Smash!

So about a month ago I did my biggest ever cake smash session… 6 one year olds! Okay, so I’ve got some experience with working with children, but heckity heck, trying to get 6 looking happy all at once is a tall order!

At the end of the session everyone had given me plenty to work with, thank goodness 😉 and it went well. I decided not to post the traditional ones, more the smashey cakey bits, which are the most fun!

group cake smash




group cake smash photography

img_9801 sml

group cake smash photography

group cake smash photography

group cake smash photography

Cake Smash!

A brilliant idea for a 1st birthday is a messy, fun and colourful cake smash session! I bring along plastic backdrops, bunting, balloons and bubbles for a fun hour of messing and eating! The kids absolutely love it, although it takes a few minutes for them to realise Mum is actually on board and encouraging a mess! 🙂

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