Baby Ava | Baby Photography St Albans

Beautiful big eyes!
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Another Family Shoot | Family Photography Hatfield

We managed to squeeze a great family shoot in between afternoon guests and a birthday party! What a super session, 40mins was all that was needed to get the family shot they were after… just fun, smiles and a relaxed photograph was the order of the day…

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My Garden

I haven’t focused much on my macro photography lately… portraits and family shoots don’t really call for it that much. So, to catch up, I thought it would be fun to take of my strawberries and other bits and bobs I’m attempting to grow in my greenhouse this Summer! I LOVE macro photography, it’s my absolute favourite style.. the closer, the better!

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Mia & Bianca | Child Photography

Stellenbosch is beautiful. Sisters, Mia and Bianca are beautiful… I went home to South Africa for a week to attend my best friend’s wedding and couldn’t come back without doing a shoot! The leaves were at their best in shades of gold and crimson. These two would have stayed in the park for hours if they had the choice…

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Sneak Peak – Hayley & Vanessa

Sneak peak of last week’s photo session with sisters Hayley and Vanessa. It’s funny how some children take a little while to warm to the camera constantly pointing at them, while others… like these two, just absolutely loved it from the get go! I walked into their playroom and it was energy, energy, energy! Loved it!
marilynn williams photographer marilynn williams photographer marilynn williams photographer