Some Fun! Playing In Your Creation!

Imagine bringing your Lego or Duplo creation to life! Well, that’s exactly what my new photography sessions are all about! Bringing your little one’s toys to life and having a photograph of them interacting with it!

These new concept photography sessions take about 45-60 mins, your little one creates something amazing and I’ll photograph it. Then I’ll pose them and take their photograph so that I can merge the two photographs together! It’s such a fun way to incorporate their creativity and a little bit of their imagination in the photos.

My son loved the idea and went away to build his favourite Lego car. He then posed for some action driving shots and this is the result! He loves it and wants it on his wall.

final sml

I come to your home with a mobile studio and bring everything needed for the session. If you prefer, I can bring the Lego/Duplo to build, or if you have enough already there, we can use what they have at home… or even another toy, something sentimental perhaps? The idea is to have some fun and take some amazing photographs for you to enjoy!

These sessions can include some regular family portraits too. It is not limited to the ‘toy concept’.

The price: £250 for the session and the ‘toy concept’ photograph PLUS all the family and regular portrait photographs. (Travel fees and retouching fees included. No hidden costs.)

Call Marilynn Williams to book : 075 00737175
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Chloe’s 1st Birthday

She was so happy and cute during the session, lovely family and a lovely 1st birthday cake smash session. While editing the gallery for this one, I managed to spill an entire cup of coffee over my macbook… needless to say, I was horrified! Took an extra week to get these done with the drama of having the laptop under damage-control surveillance… won’t be drinking coffee around my laptop again!








Amy’s Family Shoot

I’m not too keen on indoor shoots (but that’s only because I need higher ISO on my camera), but this lovely family have a beautiful conservatory that allowed for natural light from ALL angles! Didn’t even set up my lighting for this family shoot.
The cat came to have a look at what was going on so she got a snap too 🙂
IMG_6181site IMG_6182gsite IMG_6186site IMG_6197site IMG_6201site IMG_6266site IMG_6272 site IMG_6128site IMG_6287site

Group Cake Smash!

So about a month ago I did my biggest ever cake smash session… 6 one year olds! Okay, so I’ve got some experience with working with children, but heckity heck, trying to get 6 looking happy all at once is a tall order!

At the end of the session everyone had given me plenty to work with, thank goodness 😉 and it went well. I decided not to post the traditional ones, more the smashey cakey bits, which are the most fun!

group cake smash




group cake smash photography

img_9801 sml

group cake smash photography

group cake smash photography

group cake smash photography